K9 Advantix II

By now you've heard the buzz about K9 Advantix II. This highly effective flea and tick treatment contains a potent formula to combat fleas pests fast.

Eliminate fleas and other insects completely by attacking them at their source and preventing their growth into your dog’s surroundings. K-9 Advantix II offers complete five-way flea and insect protection.

Safe Flea Control

Flea killing properties such as adulticidal, larvicidal, and ovicidal kill fleas and prevent new ones from emerging. K-9 uses an insect growth regulator called pyriproxyfen that disrupts hormone signaling of insects, preventing fleas from maturing. This integrated flea control (IFC) includes imidacloprid which kills fleas through contact and helps reduce flea allergy dermatitis.


  • Kills fleas on pets within 12 hours
  • Kills fleas before they lay eggs
  • Waterproof
  • Fragrance-free
  • Convenient, easy to apply
K9 Advantix II
For Small Dogs
K9 Advantix II
For Medium Dogs
K9 Advantix II
For Large Dogs
K9 Advantix II
For Extra Large Dogs