What is the best flea and tick product for dogs?

Question by samantha: What is the best flea and tick product for dogs?
I have a lhasa apso who was recently adopted. She keeps scratching herself so I believe she has fleas. She was recently spayed so she cant bathe for ten days. I use to use the flea collar on my other dog but it didn’t work. I heard front line was a great product and i want something that will work well for her. what products have you used and thought were great. Any information would be helpful !

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Answer by Sharon
Advantage and now you dont need a script you can get it online or at petsmart vet center

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Well I recently adopted a dog, and she has been treated for fleas this month already ,and the vet said she doesn’t have fleas but it is part of her transition. Anyways, the vet gave us frontline to use, and the great thing about it is, it isn’t a shot or a pill. It’s in a treat like form so the dogs have no trouble taking it

  2. ♥ Onyx ♥ ßeśŧ Øf ßŕeeđ Ćhi says:

    K9 Advantix-2 is the best in my opinion. It’s very affective on my dog and I’ve never had problems with it. It kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies, and lice.

  3. Lesley says:

    Got a few sites for you and also kept see that Lhasa apso’s tend to have allergies. If its allergies u can give it an adult benadryl, if the itching stops its allergies if not then yes its fleas. My local vet told me it is perfectly fine to give your dog benadrly so i have been dosing my 14 year old Boston every year about this time cause she just wont stop scratching. And if it gets too bad cortisone shots work well and are fairly inexpensive. Hope this helps.
    With luv,

  4. Lindsay B says:

    Ask your vet for a prescription.

  5. Kerstin says:

    I prefer to use natural flea repellents for my dogs and cats. There are some really good flea remedies available, which are safe and very effective for your animal, your family and the environment. Diatomaceous Earth for exsample is mother nature’s product with no harm to the environment, pets or to people. It is a powder what you sprinkle on your pets coat and it will kill fleas and ticks and keeps them away. Some other natural flea repellents use essential oils for repelling and killing fleas.To protect themselves, certain plants have developed highly effective defense mechanisms against potentially harmful insects. The essential oils of these plants were combined in a solution to form a natural pest control barrier for pets. I am using this products for my dog and cats for years and the fleas are gone.To read more about it you can go on the link below. It shows you some products and informations to it.

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